The Dance Studio's Companion - NEW!

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All of our digital downloads in one place...

Are you a busy studio owner? We’re here to lighten your load. You've got a lot going on and your new teachers need a little TLC. So let us take the lead on this one. We'll do the hand holding while you make sure everything else at the studio runs smoothly! We've combined all of our guides and road maps into one document for convenience. The Dance Studio's Companion gives you the Road Maps for Ballet, Tap and Jazz plus you'll get the Beginner's Guide to Choreography for FREE!

Our Road Maps to Success touch on everything from terminology to the proper order of ballet, jazz and tap classes, a brief history of dance, an introduction to famous dancers past and present, and everything in-between. Our digital download will make a great study guide for professional organization's membership exams, as well as the perfect guidebook to have at your fingertips as you plan your dance classes. We're here to make your teaching experience the best it can be!

Plus, Our Beginner's Guide to Choreography offers a great outline of what you need to do to be successful in your choreography journey. Let us help your new teachers through their first choreography journey, as you focus on all of the other things that only you can do at the studio! 

We're here for your success. Elevate Dance is more than just games. We have the tools you need to give your teachers the confidence to teach more than the steps. And we make it fun and enjoyable along the way!